Integrated Surgical Profit

How do you respond to escalating provider salaries and increasing anesthesia subsidies while maintaining a high level of service to your patients and surgeons? A relationship with Novus puts you back in control of anesthesia staffing and coverage levels. By harnessing the power of Integrated Surgical Profit, we help our partners improve service to surgeons, grow case volumes, and improve the quality and skills of their providers, better positioning the facility to sustain a robust OR platform.

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Perioperative Consult and Implementation

Surgical services drive a significant portion of your financial margin. We believe that the anesthesia relationship should be charged with helping you improve this margin. Our team has consulted on a nationwide basis with facilities and systems to help improve utilization, increase stakeholder satisfaction, decrease costs, improve block utilization, and increase case volumes. Our team will assess, consult, and implement, providing for better execution of strategy.

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Anesthesia Integration

Novus management believes that the success of our anesthesia management relationships should be valued based upon the improvements that we sustain for our facility partners. To this end, Novus seeks to create a complete integration with our facility partners where we collaborate with surgical services to form a single OR team. This strategy leads to better execution of Strategic Perioperative Improvements, improves service to patients and surgeons, and leads to less conflict between OR stakeholders, making your ORs a better place to work.

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Data Driven Management

Novus is committed to developing in-house data analytics that drive improved anesthesia and OR operation. We use data to keep performance top of mind with our providers and tie a portion of their compensation to successfully meeting certain benchmarks that we define with our facility partners. Novus expands our data analytics to create value for our facility partners beyond anesthesia by monitoring room utilization, provider utilization, throughput metrics, and block utilization.

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100% Successful Transitions

The anesthesia transition offers a brief window of time that can completely change the trajectory of your OR platform. We understand the gravity and urgency of a transition. During transition, we seek to sustainably improve the anesthesia department and create a culture of care that goes beyond aligned goals to connect at a purpose driven level with our facility partners. To date, we have led a 100% success rate with our transitions and have helped many of our clients navigate acute anesthesia related challenges that threatened the stability of their surgical services programs.

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