Efficiency on Your Terms

Novus establishes flexible relationship structures with our clients that allow successful ASCs to use their anesthesia cash flow to invest in the efficiency of the overall ASC performance. Efficiency is a talking point for every anesthesia provider because it maximizes their revenue from the anesthesia income produced at your ASC. Novus is distinctly different from other management companies. Our program allows you to invest in your efficiency for the sake maximizing your bottom line, not ours.

How do we do this? Novus implements a management fee structure where you pay us a defined amount to manage your anesthesia department. We provide complete anesthesia management services structured in a relationship that is more efficient from a financial perspective, is conservative from a regulatory perspective, and ideal in terms of allowing you to determine the goals of the anesthesia team and align them in support of ASC growth.

What are the financial ramifications? By providing us with a simple surgical procedure report, we can provide a thorough analysis of the health of your anesthesia department, surgical utilization, and surgical efficiency. We marry this analysis with a detailed revenue analysis to determine the optimum staffing and coverage for your current case load and provide a clear pathway to reach the higher case loads that you want to achieve.