Data Driven Management Creates Efficiency

When we talk with ASCs, the concept of efficiency is always of high interest. Novus has made substantial technology investments to maximize client returns on the insights we create with data. We further leverage these insights to influence performance when we tie clinician compensation to efficiency related outcomes, creating alignment with ASC initiatives. Finally, we establish monthly and quarterly accountability structures that use data to ensure that we reach efficiency outcomes. These are all important concepts that produce measurable results individually. When administered in unison, they create the foundation of a care culture focused on the ongoing improvement of outcomes.

Clinical efficiency begins with sound evidence based practice delivered by skilled clinicians who are dedicated in service to your ASC. Consistently applied ERAS initiatives, pre-op guidelines, and custom care protocols create a predictably high level of care that improves throughput and patient outcomes. Our unique management fee model frees up anesthesia cash flow, allowing us to recruit at a higher percentile for clinicians with skill sets aligned with your ASC case mix. A higher quality of clinician will further improve efficiency outcomes and better align with ASC initiatives. Novus shares the outcomes on critical metrics with clients quarterly to assess what we are doing well, what needs to improve, and how we can accommodate additional growth.

What are the financial ramifications? By providing us with a simple surgical procedure report, we can provide a thorough analysis of the health of your anesthesia department, surgical utilization, and surgical efficiency. We marry this analysis with a detailed revenue analysis to determine the optimum staffing and coverage for your current case load and provide a clear pathway to reach the higher case loads that you want to achieve.