Creating A Sustainable Anesthesia Program

More ASCs are experiencing anesthesia challenges that stem from increased provider salaries and reduced anesthesia reimbursement. How do you maintain great service to patients and surgeons with a cohesive team of skilled providers under these conditions? Novus will partner with your facility to create a sustainable anesthesia department designed to meet the needs of your patients and surgeons. We add further value to the relationship through EMR integration, schedule synchronization, data analytics and other back-office functions to help your leadership establish a sustainable anesthesia program on your terms.

Dedicated Care Team

The anesthesia team you utilize should be consistent and dedicated to helping you deliver on your mission. Our approach will free up cash flow within the anesthesia program that we repurpose to establish compensation and benefit structures that are attractive to talented providers. Novus will recruit and retain highly skilled providers who are incented to align their goals with your facility and help you to create the efficient OR team you need to optimize results.

Focused On Efficiency and Care Quality

We use data analytics to create visibility into efficiency and care. We hold our clinicians accountable for meeting benchmarks related to efficiency and care quality. We measure clinician success with mutually defined goals in efficiency, quality, and stakeholder satisfaction, and tie a portion of clinician pay to meeting these benchmarks on a quarterly basis.

Deeper Level of Alignment

Novus approaches each client relationship focused on improving ROI from the anesthesia program. We go beyond aligning goals. Our approach is to align at a purpose driven level. We measure the success of the relationship by the value that we create on your behalf. You benefit from a completely transparent management relationship where we purpose our people, technology, and processes for your success.


The transition is our opportunity to chart a new direction for your anesthesia team and establish a higher level of service to your patients and surgeons. We understand the gravity and urgency of a transition. To date, we have led a 100% success rate with our transitions and have helped many of our clients navigate acute anesthesia related challenges that threatened the stability of their surgical services programs.