Anesthesia As a Driver For Surgeon Growth

Recruitment of new surgeons consistently ranks as a top objective for ASCs. O.R. suites are costly assets. Maximizing their use is vital to sound financial performance. In the effort to recruit new surgeons, anesthesia can and should be a committed partner.

Anesthesia alignment with your ASC surgeon service and coverage standards should be a value proposition you are able to provide to prospective surgeons. Your anesthesia partner should provide the flexibility to open new rooms or new surgical blocks to make time available for prospective surgeons. Through the implementation of a unique management fee model, Novus is able to provide the flexibility to provide additional coverage with small incremental increases in costs that can be easily offset with reasonable case growth. We look for opportunities to provide additional coverage. We know it is essential for our clients to achieve their growth goals. We measure our success by the value we are able to create for our clients.

Consistently high patient outcomes are vital to attracting and then retaining new surgeons. Novus consistently implements ERAS protocols, pre-op process participation, and throughput optimization to ensure excellent patient experience. We employ a data driven management approach that ties clinician compensation to care quality and efficiency metrics. We create monthly and quarterly accountability structures to ensure Novus and our clinicians are aligned with our partner facilities.

What are the financial ramifications? By providing us with a simple surgical procedure report, we can provide a thorough analysis of the health of your anesthesia department, surgical utilization, and surgical efficiency. We marry this analysis with a detailed revenue analysis to determine the optimum staffing and coverage for your current case load and provide a clear pathway to reach the higher case loads that you want to achieve.