a team built to integrate with yours

We have built our team of clinical, financial, and operations professionals to integrate cohesively with your Hospital administration.


Our clinical team is committed to establishing evidence-based protocols to improve patient outcomes. We establish a unique plan for your Hospital to ensure that our local team achieves measurable improvements and engages with Hospital administrators, patients, and surgeons to ensure a high level of integration and service.

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Our technology team will simplify care for our clinicians, create clarity into key performance indicators related to quality and efficiency, and deliver insights to Hospital administration. We, then, establish management practices to ensure transparency and a department wide focus on surpassing benchmarks.

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The Novus financial team has a strong foundation in Hospital financial management and applies this experience to ensure revenue maximization and thoughtful cost controls. The trust we create from the transparency and accuracy of our financial reporting allows you to improve decision making and establish long term stability in Anesthesia.

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The Novus HR team employs a high level of service to our clinicians to ensure they feel valued and personally invested in our culture of service. Our excellent benefit programs and compensation structures, along with our performance feedback and team member support, ensure that our teams are aligned with the Hospital goals.

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Our Approach

Improve Anesthesia outcomes for the healthcare facility, patient, surgeon, and clinician by aligning goals around the improvement of anesthesia care quality and financial performance.


We approach our clients, patients, surgeons, and clinicians with a spirit of service and take personal pride in surpassing their needs.


We believe that dealing with our clinicians, surgeons, patients and healthcare facilities in an open and honest fashion is the foundation of our business.

Commitment to Transparency

We establish transparent relationships that create accountability to improved outcomes for our facility partners, clinicians, surgeons and their patients.

Trusted Partnership

We treat each client relationship as a unique opportunity to develop a true partnership grounded in improving anesthesia and OR outcomes.

Focus on Leadership

We foster leadership through communication and collaboration as a catalyst for building strong teams that deliver quality care.

Culture As A Catalyst

We uphold a culture of service that works as a catalyst to drive our commitment to improvement. We instill this culture from the moment we begin the recruitment process, during the onboarding phase, and through to our quarterly review and incentive programs. Our service mindset shines through in all that we do. It is the key to creating team member, Hospital, and patient satisfaction.

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