Bridging the Gap for Facilities Underserved by Anesthesia

Novus engages with your team at a deeper level to stabilize coverage, enhance quality of care, and improve financial outcomes.

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We Sustain Integrated OR Culture Recruitment Success Provider Fulfillment Case Volume Growth

Transition With A Collaborative Plan

Unlike other anesthesia management partners, Novus immerses ourselves into your anesthesia challenges, uses our expertise to develop a collaborative plan for improvement, and sticks with you long-term to sustain those improvements through our lasting integration with your facility.

  • Build the foundation

    We work with the entire facility team to understand the full scope of your anesthesia challenges and create a blueprint for solving them—together.

  • Ensure stability

    Novus ensures quality coverage during the transition and efficiently recruits and supports credentialing of appropriately skilled, value-aligned providers.

  • Transform culture

    We align anesthesia goals with your facility through constant engagement, encouraging a positive, stable environment.

  • Control costs

    Novus’ detailed schedule management avoids overstaffing and coverage gaps, keeping costs down and supporting growth.

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