Purpose Driven Anesthesia Management.

Recruitment challenges solved | Ability to grow surgical volumes | Improved anesthesia ROI

Our Facility Partners Faced These Challenges Prior to Novus

Increased Costs

Substantial increase in anesthesia costs from group or employed providers without justification for the added expense.

Recruitment Challenges

Unable to attract and retain a consistent team of quality providers to meet basic coverage needs.

Stagnant Growth

Loss of market share due to ever increasing competition and inability to provide sufficient service to surgeons.

Novus Solves The Root Cause of These Challenges

Attract and Retain Quality Providers, Identify and Implement Perioperative Improvements, and Provide Robust Data Analytics to Optimize Anesthesia and OR Performance.

Are You Ready To Solve Your Anesthesia Problems?

Novus Will Create Improvements Throughout Your OR Platform

Perioperative Consulting and Implementation

  • OR assessment conducted in transition
  • Plan implemented by our anesthesia team
  • Substantial value created for facility

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Control of Anesthesia Priorities

  • Anesthesia plan designed with your team
  • Based upon your priorities for the OR
  • Sustainable platform for growth and improvement

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Powerful Data Analytics

  • Proprietary AI platform
  • Improved care quality, efficiency, and revenue cycle
  • Improved surgical block and OR team utilization

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Aligned Anesthesia Providers

  • Improved comp and job structures
  • Provider leadership and clinical development
  • Improved culture and provider retention

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Improved Testing and Protocols

  • Reduced same day case cancellations
  • Improved efficiency and consistency of care
  • Reflected in patient experience and outcomes

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Integration with OR Team

  • Anesthesia and OR leadership working together
  • Flexibly accommodating case additions
  • Improved service to surgeons

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Committed To Your Improvement

Novus transcends “goal alignment”. Our organizational purpose is aligned with our partners to create quantifiable improvements across the entire OR platform with our people, processes, and technology.

Improvements You Can Measure